Thursday, 31 May 2012

Restaurant Review: Zara

Location: 168 Sydney Rd, Coburg
Phone: 03 9384 1415
Cuisine: Turkish
Overall Impression: 5.5/10
In terms of ambience the restaurant is unnerving at first instance. The carpets are worn out and the tables and chairs look like they have not been replaced since the 1980s. Perhaps our experience would be different if we were here on a weekend when belly dancers would grace the very wide dining space. But on that weeknight, the restaurant appeared quite lifeless.
To balance the awkward mass of space between diners is a charming older gentleman who served us throughout the night. We suspect he is also the owner of Zara. He talks to us like we are guests in his home and immediately we feel a lot more comfortable.
We opted for the King’s Banquet ($30 per person) which was described as follows:

“For people who want to try a bit of everything. This menu includes unlimited soft drinks , two different types of Turkish Pizza , Rice & Salad , A Large Variety of Dips , Doner Kebab ,Chicken & Lamb Skewers , Lamb cutlets.”
Turkish Pizza
Doner Kebab
Chicken and Lamb Skewers
Lamb Cutlets
Turkish Delights and Baklavas
Turkish Coffee
Ultimately, it is the warm and friendly service that truly makes Zara tick. The food itself while pleasant to eat doesn’t go too far beyond ordinary. That said, for $30 a head, it is certainly a value for money proposition. We found the food homely and hearty with authentic Turkish flavours.
The banquet was appropriately generous and we all left with our appetites satiated. Zara is a good introduction to Turkish food and as far as banquets go, this is one that certainly won’t break the bank.

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