Monday, 14 May 2012

Restaurant Review: Bamboo House

Location: 47 Little Bourke St, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9662 1565
Cuisine: Chinese, Cantonese
Overall Impression: 7/10

Chinese wedding banquets are always a delicious experience. It really is all about the food. No one ever leaves hungry.  If you're not unbuckling your belts by the end of the night, something has gone terribly wrong.
Crispy Roast Pork & Assorted Cold Platter
Dragon Phoenix Bird's Nest
Stuffed Crab Claw
Chicken & Shark Fin Soup
Lobster with Ginger & Spring Onion
Braised Abalone
Sichuan Tea Smoked Duck
Steamed Barramundi with Lotus Leaf
Red Bean Sweet Syrup

The standard and quality of the food served at Bamboo House was commendable. We were delighted to see that every course was executed well despite the volume. Whilst Bamboo House is already a very popular restaurant for dumplings, the wedding banquet experience has definitely sparked an interest in me to better experience their menu. Needless to say, J and I will certainly be back for more.

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