Thursday, 1 September 2011

Product Talk: Cocobella Coconut Water

Cocobella is a refreshingly new alternative to regular sports drinks. Australian owned, it is all natural (made from young coconut juice), loaded with electrolytes (3 times more than the average sports drink) and wonderfully fat-free.

But the thing that has got me hooked is the delicious taste. It reminds me of a soft drink widely sold in Asia called 100PLUS. Unlike 100PLUS, however, Cocobella is suited to a more mature palate, is not carbonated and also has far fewer calories!

Cocobella comes in 4 delectable varieties:
  • Coconut water & pink guava
  • Coconut water & mango
  • Coconut water & pineapple
  • Coconut water a.k.a “Straight up”
My personal favourite is "Straight Up". The sweetness and saltiness of the drink is balanced impeccably. J now drinks it regularly for hydration after working out and I drink it as a healthy, natural alternative to soft drinks.

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