Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Restaurant Review: European Bier Cafe

Location: 120 Exhibition St, Melbourne
Link: http://www.europeanbiercafe.com.au/
Cuisine: Australian pub fare [traditional favourites] and many dishes with a strong European twist.
Char-grilled Kangaroo Loin Fillet cooked medium rare with honey roasted sweet potato, Spanish onion and capsicum coulis

The kangaroo was cooked to perfection. Beautifully tender. I have had bad experiences with Kangaroo so I weary of the fact that there may be a prominent gamey taste but fortunately, it did not. It was lovely and the meat was obviously fesh to have avoided the haut goût taste. I personally, really liked the way it had been cooked. Unfortunately, due to the clear lack of seasoning using basic salt, the kangaroo's flavours were not allowed ro shine to its full extent. Overall, it was still a pleasant dish that I would not hesitate ordering again.

Spanish Pub Paella, saffron and paprika infused rice with chorizo roast chicken, capsicums and prawns baked then served

There was a great amount of flavour in the dish as a whole but it was nevertheless rather disappointing. I had expected the dish to be served in a paellera (paella pan). And as it was served on a plate, it didn't have the beautifully crusty/slightly burnt bottom and it didn't have the infused aromas of being cooked over an open fire. It tasted like a nice risotto. Pleasant but like I said, disappointing . In hindside, I should have read the descriptions on the menu properly because the chef really did deliver what he/she had promised. In any event, it was still better than my paella experience at Simply Spanish.

Overall Impression: 5.5/10
Nice, relaxed ambience, good food.
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