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Bak Kut Teh @ Sugarbun

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of MATRADE's Malaysian Kitchen Program.
SugarBun is a popular chain restaurant originating from Malaysia with more than 51 restaurants across the globe.
The Melbourne store has become known for its delicious Bak Kut Teh (which directly translates from Hokkien to “meat bone tea”) which is meaty pork ribs that are simmered for hours in a herbal broth.
Twin sisters Francesca and Fiorn Lee (whose family started the first SugarBun) brought the chain to Melbourne. 
From left: Barley drink, Cincao milk, Pear and snow fungus drink

We loved the extensive drinks list which features Malaysian hawker favourites. Of particular note is their house-made pear and snow fungus drink - a refreshing drink made with goji berries, pear, snow fungus and red dates which provide just the perfect hint of sweetness.
Dry bak kut teh
Smoky, sizzling pork belly, ribs, special meatballs, lotus root & okra in dark sauce. Served with Mixed Grain Rice, Nanyang Appe-hancer & herbal broth.

The dry bak kut teh is Francesca and Fiorn’s modern take on the traditional. The pork belly pieces were beautifully charred, caramelised and glossing with intense spices. It was a decadent treat that was both familiar but different.
Bak Kut Teh Claypot
Pork belly, ribs, special meatballs, tofu puff, shitake & enoki mushrooms, simmered in herbal broth. Served with mixed grain rice and You Char Kway

We savoured the traditional bak kut the claypot. The broth was full of flavour courtesy of being made from tea, generous amounts of garlic, gogi berries, a variety of dried Chinese herbs and a wonderful array of spices including cinnamon, cloves, star anise and fennel seeds.
The fluffy mixed grain rice and deep fried you char kway doughnuts were the perfect canvas for the broth. 
Broasted chicken 
Premium fresh chicken seasoned with home-grown Sarawakian spices - crispy crust with juicy tender meat. Served with signature savoury rice and Appe-hancer.

The broasted chicken is a must-have at SugarBun. A combination of pressure cooking and deep frying, this signature SugarBun dish is pressure-fried for seven minutes, ensuring the juices are sealed within. The savoury rice that goes with it is a brilliant combination of sweet and savoury with juicy sultanas scattered throughout. 
The appe-hancer salad of pickled cucumber, pineapple and carrot add balance while the addictive sweet and spicy kano sauce add a desirable kick to the dish.
SugarBun offers an authentic taste of Sarawak’s best street delicacies, without even stepping out of Melbourne. We loved the exciting food offerings which showcases Malaysia’s diverse food culture and rich heritage. The spacious dining environment is comfortable and brings diners back to the memorable streets of Malaysia where many of the best meals are found at the roadsides.

Location: 205 Russell Street  Melbourne,
Phone: 03 9650 4336
Cuisine: Asian, Malaysian, Soup, Sarawakian

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