Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Malaysian Mamak cuisine @ Zam Zam

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of MATRADE's Malaysian Kitchen Program.

Located on bustling Lonsdale Street, Zam Zam offers Malaysian Mamak cuisine.
Originating from the Mamak population in Malaysia (Tamil Muslims of Malaysian nationality), the cuisine is full of flavour, spicy and simply addictive.
The decor favours functionality over aesthetics. Just being in Zam Zam takes you straight back to Malaysia. Delicious scents fill the air and we’re salivating already.
Tea Tarik

The menu is incredibly well-priced and there is a huge range of Malaysian mamak delicacies to choose from including a comprehensive drinks menu. We recommend the teh tarik – a frothy and sweet pulled tea.
Maggi Goreng 

A style of cooking instant noodles, which is common in Malaysia and served at Mamak food stalls the wok-tossed noodles exhibited the characteristic charred flavour and were coated in beautiful blachan and generous morsels of chicken, egg, tofu and bokchoy. A squeeze of lemon juice provided a delicious flavour enhancing tartness to the dish.
Masala Dosai
Roti chanai

The roti had a crisp finish with a moist interior, making it the perfect canvas for the decadent curries. We enjoyed the robust and fragrant curries, which, together with freshly cooked roti bread, was an addictive and comforting dish.

The murtabak was filled with a thick spread of minced beef. As we sank our teeth into the warm soft roti casing, we were immediately struck with an explosion of flavours. The accompanying curry created a wonderfully piquant dressing for the spiced minced beef. 
Roti bom

An absolute MUST-HAVE, the Roti bom at Zam Zam was one of the best we have had in Melbourne. A simple dessert that amalgamated the best aspects of roti canai in the form of a dessert, the roti had a pleasant chewiness which contrasted nicely with the creamy ice cream.  A simple, but a truly superb, dessert. 

Zam Zam is a no-frills hawker-style eatery that offers the soundest bang for your buck. The service is friendly and prompt and you will be instantly transported to the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

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Location: 362-364 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9606 0109
Link: http://www.zamzammelbourne.com.au/
Cuisine: Indian, Malaysian

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