Thursday, 7 August 2014

Fiesta Malaysia 2014

Gastrology bloggers attended Fiesta Malaysia as guests of MASCA.
On the 25th of May 2014, Melbournians celebrated Fiesta Malaysia - a festival which showcased Malaysian cuisine sourced from the best and most authentic Malaysian restaurants in and around Melbourne.
This year, Fiesta Malaysia brought together a number of popular Malaysian eateries. 
Auto Rickshaw
Harajuku Crepes on Wheels

Harajuku Crepes on Wheels provided a wide range of sweet dessert style Japansese crepes in either cold or hot and savoury light meal style crepes. 
Harajuku Crepes on Wheels on Urbanspoon
Dean's Cafe

Dean's cafe served up delicious Malaysian satay which was cheep and cheerful - very authentic Malaysian! 
Dean's Cafe on Urbanspoon
NL House
Pasar Malam
Sambal Kampung

Sambal Kampung served up a delicious basa which was served with a decadent spicy layer of sambal. While the used of basa wasn't traditional, the sambal itself was beautiful.
Sambal Kampung on Urbanspoon
Satay Klab
Ghost Kitchen

We loved the Taiwanese street food offerings from Ghost Kitchen. The sweet potato chips with plum sauce were a particular highlight. Another must have is the gua bao. 
Ghost Kitchen on Urbanspoon
Fiesta Malaysia is MASCA Victoria's largest annual event. Fiesta Malaysia celebrated and promoted the diversity of Malaysian cultures, cuisines, tourism and history to Australia's local and international community. 
The festival received strong support from the Malaysian Government, the Australian Government, numerous corporate partners, ASEAN-root peak student representative bodies, university and non-university-based Malaysian Students Organisations. 
Fiesta Malaysia 2014 received an overwhelming response from over 18,000 visitors from different cultural backgrounds to experience a slice of Malaysia for themselves.

Apart from the authentic Malaysian food by Melbourne's top Malaysian restaurants, the festival also featured cultural exhibitions, traditional games and live performances. 
A series of demonstrations and competitions that relate to Malaysian cuisine also ran including a Durian Eating Competition and also a Roti Canai Making Challenge.

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