Friday, 14 February 2014

Review: The Royale Brothers

Location: Rear 1 Church Street, Brighton
Phone: 03 9005 4242
Cuisine: Burgers, Fast Food
Overall Impression: 8/10
The Royale Brothers is a small and unassuming purveyor of fine burgers in Brighton that sneakily opened their doors just before Christmas on the 19th of December 2013.
This brand new burger venture was founded by the boys from The Pantry in Brighton, Daniel Vaughan, Guy Mainwaring and Tim Purton-Smith, a Melbourne icon since 1993. 
The name “The Royale Brothers” has a story. The most obvious element is their signature dish “Royale with Cheese” named after the famous scene in Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” in which John Travolta explains during a dialogue with Samuel L Jackson that in France, because of the metric system, a well-known burger chain doesn’t call their burger a “Quarter Pounder” but a “Royale with Cheese”. The word “Brothers” refers to the sense of family central to The Royale Brothers philosophy, their family is what they work so hard for. 
We loved the two Royale Milk Bun Burgers we had… 
Royale with cheese - Beef, cheese, onion, lettuce, pickles, mustard, mayo & Royale sauce

With a rich and succulent beef pattie, the hamburger had, sandwiched between two halves of a slightly sweet and perfectly toasted milk bun, cheese, onion, lettuce, pickles, mustard, mayo & Royale sauce. It is a classic burger and was absolutely delicious. 
 The pork jerk - Jerk spiced pulled pork shoulder, vinegared slaw, spring onion, coriander  

The pork jerk burger was beautiful. It was an almighty burger with generous amounts of tender and flavoursome pulled pork shoulder, tangy vinegared slaw, spring onion and aromatic coriander. Each element was precisely portioned and cooked with love. 
A testament to using ingredients that are of the highest quality and expertly judged fillings, Royale Brothers’ burgers are a winner. 

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Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Royale Brothers.

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Lily (A Rhubarb Rhapsody) said...

Loving the name and the reason why it was chosen. Not to mention those burger buns look like some of the best burger buns around. My hubby's been on a desperate campaign to track down a reliable source of great burgers. I'll have to show him this post.