Thursday, 12 January 2012

Cafe Review: L'Espresso

Location: 417 Sturt St, Ballarat
Phone: 03 5333 1789
Cuisine: Modern Australian, Breakfast/Brunch, Coffee
Overall Impression: 7/10
Ballarat is hardly a “foodie” destination but there are certainly a couple of eateries that I have discovered to be consistently gratifying. L’Espresso is one such eatery. The café was bustling when I arrived - there were hungry tourists and locals scurrying about during the lunch hour rush. Sitting in the café, the jazz and blues CDs can be quite distracting as the musically inclined folk browse through the collection. You see, L’Espresso is also a music store, tailored for the peckish crowd that are in need of a jazz CD.
The menu is simple. What I love best about it is the traditional Italian fare they have on offer during lunch. The pasta and risotto are always perfectly cooked and seasoned. What you get is hearty fare that ticks all the right boxes.
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