Saturday, 20 August 2011

Cafe Review: Limelight Cafe

Location: 352 Blackburn Road, Doncaster East
Phone: (03) 9841 0511
Overall Impression: 5/10

KM, AT, LW and I had a lovely catch up at Limelight Cafe. From the get go we teased poor little KM about his secret love affair with PP. As usual, he denied it. But it is difficult to arrive at any other conclusion since he was caught having dinner with her at Vue de Monde only a few weeks ago. As you can see, Limelight Cafe is great for casual catch ups and interrogations. Although there are a few hiccups here and there, the food certainly meets expectations.
Duck Risotto $22.90
Risotto cooked with a slow braised Duck ragout, shitake mushrooms and bokchoy, topped with parmesan cheese

This dish was well-seasoned and quite enjoyable. It was however, unfortunately 'fusion' in a manner that was quite unnecessary. Although pleasant, the dish may have been better, for a lack of a better term, left un-fusion-ed.
Chocolate Thickshake
 Iced Mocha
This cafe is great for all the sorts of drinks and desserts your dietician would advice you against. They make great thickshakes and a delectable New York style cheesecake. I have also enjoyed their breakfast menu during my past visits. During my previous visit, I was presented with a perfectly poached egg on Rye bread with beautifully sauteed spinach leaves on the side. Unfortunately, compared to these, their lunch menu is a bit of a let down.

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Anonymous said...

My wife and I have be patrons a couple of times due to living in the Doncaster area.
We weren't over inpressed with the quality of the meals dished.(Fish and Burger).
We tried the cafe again but still questioned quality of dishes served for price and the staff were average in knowledge of the menu and connection.
Last light, we went for dinner at a well know and popular resturant in Templestowe and on the way home which is very close to the Limelight Cafe, we thought why not, the couldn't go wrong with a Coffee and Dessert.
We arrived there at 9:20pm Friday, got seated and guess what? not one staff member attended to our table to get any order.
Well, well, well we couldn't wait any longer by 9:55pm, so we got up and walked out without even any acknowledgement from the floor staff which we must mention they were quite busy just serving tables of patrons whom go there for the bottled water and having nice chats with them.
So we left unnoticed and I thought I should phone the manager on duty just to express our third disappointment as patrons and well she pushed it down the line that "We've been busy".
Well, if that's the management response,we'll be busy dining back at Templestowe strip of cafes where the staff do the basics but hell they certainly impress that 110% with the basics.
Thank you Limelight Blackburn Road,Doncaster for letting us realise how your customers are appreciated just to walk in the door.
P.S. Certainly looks like you give away a hell of a lot of free water at that time of night.
We won't be back.