Friday, 5 September 2014

Cocktail Degustation @ Fall From Grace

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Fall from Grace.
Gastrology bloggers were recently invited to evoke our imaginations, inspire our senses, and be entertained at State of Grace’s opening series Cocktail Degustation.
A night filled with wonder and awe was held at Fall from Grace Cellar bar which is located downstairs from State of Grace. 
Fall from Grace came to life during this Circus themed night.
Hosted by a guest barman extraordinaire, our tastebuds were mesmerised with a 4 course cocktail performance which we enjoyed alongside a round of canapés, moorish mains and decadent desserts. 
The first cocktail was the Cannonball punch which was made from Prosecco, mandarin, lemon zest and berries. A delicious fruity cocktail with plenty of sparkly theatre, it was an enlivening start to our dinner. 
The canapés included a prawn cocktail, chargrilled baby corn, cayenne mayo & lime and a ‘cheeseburger’ slider. The cheeseburger slider was absolutely delicious. Sandwiched between two brioche buns was a slab of oozy deep fried cheese. It was addictively good.
Our second cocktail was the Melon trapeze which was made from gin, watermelon, basil, lime. We loved the balance of flavours and the addition of basil and lime which provided both aroma and a delightful zing.
We had a choice of two mains. The Chicken (grilled chicken, sweetcorn puree, popcorn, red pepper compote) or Beef (Beef eye fillet, black cabbage, beetroot, lentils & horseradish cream). We decided to go red meat and were very pleased with our decision. 
The eye fillet was very tender - a superbly executed dish highlighted by the quality of the beef and the excellence of its preparation. The accompaniments to the steak were each delicious – the black cabbage was perfectly seasoned and wonderfully flavoured, and the beetroot provided a thoroughly enjoyable freshness.
Our favourite cocktail of the night, the Smoked ring leader paired magnificently with the beef eye fillet. Not one for the faint hearted, the cocktail was a heady combination of whiskey, Campari and vermouth.
The dessert of apple tart, salted caramel & whey was a sweet end to our evening. Crispy filo pastry and salted caramel provided balance to the sweetness of the caramelised apples.
The accompanying cocktail of Candyfloss carousel was luscious and decadent. We loved the mixture of vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice and candyfloss - yum!

Location: 477 Collins St  Melbourne
Phone: 03 8644 7110
Cuisine: European, Wine Bar

State of Grace will soon be holding series 2 of their Cocktail Degustation this month...

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