Thursday, 15 March 2012

Restaurant Revew: Vegie Bar

Location: 380 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Phone: (03) 9417 6935 
Overall Impression: 6/10
During my first visit to Vegie Bar, BB and I were meeting A's new found love (in the form of a Russian investment banker from Sydney) for the first time. We thought lunch would be a good option as it would be a lot more casual. A has been slowly but surely turning vegetarian and her favourite restaurant of late has been Vegie bar. Vegie Bar has been gaining quite a following, especially with the skinny jeans and retro sun glasses crowd. So, in an attempt to be part of the "in crowd" the four of us decided to have lunch there.
Threading the delicate balance of my omnivorous existence, I would say I am more carnivorous than I am herbivorous. As such, I wasn't particularly excited about the thought of eating at Vegie Bar.

The food was surprisingly much better than I had expected. I quickly forgot that I was having a vegetarian meal. Although simple, the food was hearty and smacked with flavour. Nothing revolutionary but it was honest and good food. My positive experience has brought me back time and time again. Last weekend, J and I decided to go back and it is as good as the first time I was there.  

Sha He Fen Noodles

The noodles were delicious! I am always slightly weary about ordering “Asian” style dishes from non-Asian eateries but this has certainly changed my mind. Although the faux chicken tasted like tofu and was fooling no one, it was still very enjoyable. The only criticism I have of this dish is – where are the mushrooms I was promised per the descriptions on the menu?
Cajun Stew

I love that it was served with brown rice. There’s something about the texture of brown rice that gives a rustic edge to a dish. That said, I could not help but think that the stew was simply glorified baked beans. OK, maybe that is a bit harsh. Baked beans with a twist? However, I must say that although it resembled baked beans, the stew was in fact enjoyable to eat. It was hearty and had very good flavour.
Berry Cheesecake with soy ice cream
The desserts here are particularly good. I tasted their soy ice cream the first time I visited. Nobody else was a fan of the soy ice cream but I certainly was. A and BB even joked about how everything in life is relative and only someone who had never had ice cream before would find the soy ice cream good. So, be warned! It is certainly an acquired taste.
 All in all, the food was enjoyable. It is honest, wholesome food. Nothing fancy but it certainly does the trick. Everything is well-priced and the place has a great atmosphere. Unfortunately, this is let down by the fact that service is poor. Every time that I have visited Vegie Bar, I have had to wait very long for my food to arrive.

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