Thursday, 13 August 2015

The Rusted Nail by Scott Yeoman launch @ Lady Grange

Words by Jessica Williams.
It has been a wild two years for once carpenter now chef Scott Yeoman. Gastrology was invited to celebrate the launch of the past Masterchef contestant’s latest catering venture – The Rusted Nail – at Lady Grange in St Kilda recently. A lesson in following your heart, Scott Yeoman has come a long way since his carpentry days in Adelaide.
After suffering a series of injuries, Yeoman’s original trade of choice became increasingly more difficult. Searching for his next step in life, Scott turned to food both as an outlet for his creativity and something to keep himself busy and occupied while his body recovered enough to return to work. His skills quickly improved - for which he gives thanks to his extended family’s love of food and constant support – as did his love for the art of cooking. 
Searching for new adventures, Yeoman applied to Masterchef Australia and upon acceptance into the Top 24, quickly worked his way into the hearts of many Australians around the nation. A dessert pressure test saw Scott become the sixth person to leave the Masterchef kitchen - more determined than ever to pursue his own food dream. 
He worked on a new restaurant and bar back in Adelaide before moving to Melbourne in 2014 to take up a chef position at St Kilda’s Lady Grange. Never wavering, he continued to work on his catering business on the side, which has just officially come to fruition as The Rusted Nail. Harnessing his previous career in carpentry, The Rusted Nail is an ode and constant reminder to what he has been through, a product of his struggles, and an outlet to combine his passions for creativity and food. 
With espresso martinis, stunning finger food and Paul Louis Champagne, it was wonderful to raise a glass to Scotty’s achievements. We hope to sample more of his wares in the coming months. 

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of The Rusted Nail.

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