Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Frochella @ Ilya Frozen Yogurt

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Ilya.
Ilya Frozen Yohurt features an array of exciting self-serve frozen yogurt flavours at a weigh-and-pay price.

Gastrology recently sampled 15 delectable flavours at Frochella @ Ilya where we enjoyed their organic, 100% natural, and free from refined cane sugar frozen yogurts.
Owners Natasha and Jason left the corporate world to pursue their passion for good food, (that not only tastes good but is good for you), giving back and having fun - enter, Ilya.
The Ilya frozen yogurt shop is built around the social, consumer experience – we loved the comfortable fittings and furniture.
We loved the array of topping options... 
Our favourite topping was the antioxidant goodness which was a delectable blend of yummy goodness including goji, cacao, maca and mixed-berry powder, chia seeds and pepitas.
We sampled 2 menus - Ilya's core and current flavours (menu A) and the new limited edition spring/summer menu (menu B).
One of our favourite items from the core and current flavours was “Flawless” which was quite simply as its name suggested. It was a beautiful coconut frozen yogurt that was made from coconut milk and shredded coconut. 
Another favourite was “Sexy and I know it” which was a chocolate froyo which delivered rich and wholesome flavours and yet managed to be dairy-free, animal friendly and decadently chocolaty.
The new limited edition spring menu boasted a cacophony of interesting flavour combinations.  We absolutely adored “Lana Del Grey” which was an earl grey tea froyo combined with dried cranberries. We loved the marrying of flavours between the tangy earl grey bergamot notes and the similarly sweet and tart cranberries. 
A healthy dessert alternative, Ilya frozen yogurts are proud to be the first and only organic self-serve frozen yogurt in Australia with no cane sugar used in their yogurt base. Made with fresh organic milk, organic Five:AM yogurt, Ilya offers a superior product offering with their yogurt base sweetened with Stevia and Erythitol, setting them apart from the other froyo offerings around town.

Location: 277 Glen Huntly Road, Elsternwick,
Cuisine: Frozen Yogurt

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Jessica said...

I didn't realise you were there! I loved the black sesame flavour - and the acai - oh and the choc orange!

Gastrology said...

Hey Jess!!
Can't believe we missed you - you must have been on the cool kids table :P xx