Thursday, 4 October 2012

Cafe Review: Xocolatl Artisan Chocolates and Cafe

Location: 11 Strathalbyn Street, Kew East and 123 Maling Road, Cantebury
Phone: 03 9857 0971 and 03 9836 3100
Cuisine: Desserts, Coffee
Overall Impression: 6.5/10

Xocolatl (pronounced SHO-ko-la-TL) Artisan Chocolates and Cafe is a cosy eatery dedicated to the cacao bean. 

Long macchiato

Their indulgent handcrafted chocolates are unique and a joy to eat. 
Chocolate and caramel slice

They is a lovely range of desserts, chocolates and drinks on the menu (many of which are naturally gluten free) that will satisfy any chocoholic or sweet tooth! 
Walnut tart
Chilli hot chocolate

The ambience is lovely and elegant and the service is friendly which makes this beautiful little café a wonderful place for a lazy Sunday afternoon over some sweet treats.

  Xocolatl Artisan Chocolates and Cafe on Urbanspoon Xocolatl Artisan Chocolates and Cafe on Urbanspoon

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