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Modern Japanese cuisine @ Shizuku

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Shizuku.
Named after the traditional word for droplets, SHIZUKU is a Japanese restaurant that pays homage to the day‐long process of preparing ramen from scratch, where every drop counts.

The modern, black walled space seats 45 and was designed by Earl Pinto. Pale timber and silver light fittings mimic oversized Japanese blossoms, while miniature terrariums hang from flower arrangements and add a touch of green. 
The restaurant offers a combination of Izakaya‐style plates and heartier, authentic dishes, and other delicacies not found anywhere else. 

Led by Head Chef Ken Yoshida, the kitchen is in capable hands. Ken has worked in some of Japan’s most renowned ramen shops. His passion for food is clear - placing equal importance on texture, taste and innovation. 
Scallop sashimi 

Delightfully fresh, the delicate discs of scallop were served on a bed of julienned daikon.  The soft texture of the scallop contrasted nicely with the crispness of the daikon while the yuzu mayonnaise provided a light citrus acidity which cut through the saltiness of the wasabi mayo.  It was a dish of subtle, but balanced, and well considered textures and flavours.  
Shredded chicken 
aka Bang Bang Chicken, cold dish of steamed free range chicken strips, sesame sauce, chilled cucumber

The tender chicken was coated in a decadent sesame sauce. It was a dish with a rich combination of flavours and one which provided the requisite balance of sweet, salty and savoury notes to please the palate.
Wafu salt & pepper squid 

The salt and pepper squid was a terrific example of a modern classic. The squid was very tender and was coated in a well-seasoned, mildly spicy, light and crisp batter
The ramen stays true to customary cooking methods, taking 15 to 18 hours to prepare. 
Miso ramen 
red & white miso broth, marinated cha shu pork belly, spring onions, bamboo shoots

We enjoyed the rich, creamy-white miso broth. The slender noodle strands were firmly cooked and were pleasantly garnished with nori, bamboo shoots and spring onion. The accompanying Chashu was melt in your mouth tender and full of flavour.
Ebi shio ramen 
hakata sea salt flavoured soup, scallop infused oil, fresh prawns, vege

A lovely clear soup with clean flavours, the Ebi Shio ramen showcases the lesser known shio sea salt ramen. 
Espresso pudding
coffee carnation milk gelee curd

We loved the espresso pudding. Exceedingly smooth and creamy, with a texture akin to good Japanese tofu, the pudding disappeared into our mouths as if it had never been there. It was a both delicate and delicious.
Green tea ice cream 
japanese black sugar fusion melt, dusted with soy bean powder

The green tea ice cream was smooth and well-made. We enjoyed the addition of japanese black sugar fusion melt, dusted with soy bean powder which enhanced the delectable flavours of the green tea ice cream.  
The brainchild of owners David Chen and Shinako Suzuki (previously Shoya) SHIZUKU is a restaurant that unites a passion for good food, good value and good service. Using only natural ingredients and staying true to the traditional way, the offerings are tasty, fresh and impactful.

Location: 309 Victoria Street Abbotsford
Phone: 03 9995 8180
Link: http://www.shizuku.com.au/
Cuisine: Japanese

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