Sunday, 17 November 2013

Cafe Review: Magic on Ferrars

Location: 286 Ferrars St South Melbourne
Phone: 0414 991 556   
Link: Facebook
Cuisine: Organic, Breakfast/Brunch, Coffee
Overall Impression: 8/10
A new cafe darling of South Melbourne, Magic on Ferrars is all about exceptional service, coffee and food.

After starting the café 9 months ago, Ashley Kniveton and his wife, Verlyn have devoted all their energy into developing Magic. Bringing dedication and a wealth of professional experience from working in other cafes around Melbourne, the pair have created a delightful, welcoming café with unpretentious dishes and friendly staff.
The menu is reasonably priced, fresh and is underpinned by the ethos that cafes should use seasonal produce sourced from Victoria. The food served by the kitchen ranges from well-loved breakfast favourites to hearty lunch items.
The coffee beans are sourced from award-winning St Ali coffee roasters - a fact not lost on customers who relish in the quality caffeine hit.
The cappuccino contained a perfect layer of silken froth, complete with a flawless rosetta, and tasted terrific.
Your Beautiful Muesli
Organic Muesli with Shulz Yogurt, Fresh Fruit and Poached Apricots

The muesli was a fresh, moist and delicious option. The poached apricots were a beautiful addition.
The Smasher
Meredith Goats Feta Smashed with Fresh Avocado and Free Range Eggs with a dash of Lemon Oil

The two perfectly poached eggs were accompanied by a creamy mash of feta and avocado. It was a simple and delightful dish.
Mother Fritter
Corn and zucchini with a touch of chilli a side of Atlantic Salmon, an egg and some garden salad

The corn fritters had a crunchy golden brown exterior and were succulently sweet - the nuggets of deep fried batter brought pleasure to our taste buds. The smoked salmon was fresh and the egg was expertly poached.
Magic’s big breakfast
Served with egg’s your choice, toast, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, chorizo and avocado

Two perfectly fried eggs were succulently seasoned with rashers of smokey bacon and chorizo. These were accompanied by juicy roasted tomatoes and mushrooms. In all, this dish was a respectable assembly of breakfast essentials.
Magic on Ferrars also offers delectable cakes and baked goods delivered daily by pastry chef Matt Forbes.
Salted Caramel doughnuts
Cherry curd doughnuts

These golden puffs were stunning. Ethereal in texture, the doughnuts were cinnamon-sugar coated and jam-packed with delicious fillings. The salted caramel filling was beautifully creamy and decadent. The cherry filling on the other hand was fragrant, fruity and had the perfect tartness. We had difficulty picking a favourite!
Ashley and Verlyn have certainly brought some magic to South Melbourne. Exceptional service, great food coupled with some of Melbourne's best coffee in a relaxing environment, Magic is a quintessentially Melbourne coffee hot spot.

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Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Magic.

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